Caroline Philippson, IBCLC, RN, BSN

About Me

My name is Caroline and I am a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I am deeply passionate about maternal and infant health and have worked in both the hospital and community in a maternity setting supporting the mother-baby dyad. My professional experience includes both labour and delivery at BC Women's Hospital, and prenatal and post partum care at South Community Birth Program. This makes me uniquely qualified to help with all aspects of infant care, especially breastfeeding. I will help you reach your breastfeeding goals and will create a healthy feeding relationship between you and your baby.

Member of the ILCA and the IBCLE



 - In home (or hospital) consultation for breastfeeding support (90 mins)                                       $140

​ - In home prenatal breastfeeding information session (60 mins)                                                       $100

 - Phone consultation to discuss breastfeeding where no visit is required (30 mins)                       $40

A consultation will last up to 90 minutes. I bring experience and knowledge in all of the below areas and more. I will start with a history and general assessment of you and your baby. My focus for the session will be meeting your breastfeeding goals and above all else, ensuring your baby thrives.


A prenatal consultation will be up to 60 minutes and will address many of the same concepts. The early days after your baby is born will be a joyous and exciting time, but can also be overwhelming and stressful. A prenatal consultation will give you the advance knowledge and confidence to breastfeed your baby when they are born. 

*Please note - for consultations outside of the Vancouver area, an additional travel fee will start at $30



- low milk supply

- sore nipples

- over supply

- latching techniques 

- many different feeding positions

- storage of milk

- pumping - when and how

- engorgement

- blocked milk ducts

- bottle use, cup feeding, syringe feeding, SNS systems

Experience and knowledge in the following areas:


- mastitis

- thrush

- nipple shields

- flat / inverted nipples

supplemental feeding

- slow weight gain in babies

- twins 

- premature babies

- tongue ties and lip ties


"Caroline is kind, professional and extremely knowledgeable. Our newborn is thriving and I credit it entirely to Caroline. She has an amazing ability to make me feel empowered and in control as a breastfeeding mother - even through challenging times and when I felt exhausted and overwhelmed. She made both my husband and I feel so cared for and calm during such a stressful and busy time in our lives. I highly recommend Thrive Lactation Consulting to everyone! She was the best support we had post partum and can’t thank her enough."



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